Criminology And The Social Theory Essay

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The ideology ‘rendezvous discipline’ refers to the study being multidisciplinary, in which many fields and outlooks are used. This mean the study of criminology is micro in nature because behaviour can be analysed in depth form different angles of approach. According to Sellin, criminology can include the realms of politics (such as left and right realist approaches to criminal behaviour and prevention strategies), psychology (such as biological and social theories for the onset of criminal activity), law (such as drug laws and government strategies to overcome street crimes) and sociology (such as the deviance amplification model). The collaboration between various disciplines and experts within the field means the complexity of crime is valued highly. Jock Young, ‘In Praise of Dangerous Thoughts: a Review’ explains how criminology aids the ability to look at criminal behaviour in a micro sense as ‘an intricate understanding of crime initiates thorough conceptualisation of people and wider society in relation to crime.’
Due to the nature of criminology as a study, there comes a problem with defining what crime itself is. The ‘father of criminology’ Lombroso was recognised as having a stream of thought known as ‘The Lombrosian Project’. This method of approach highlighted the need to examine characteristics of ‘criminals’ and ‘non-criminals’ with a view to being able to distinguish the groups, thereby developing an understanding of the causes of crime. Coleman and Norris

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