Criminology Exam1

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Amanda Damon
January 29th, 2013
Introduction to Criminology
Dusan I. Bjelic
Exam 1

After reading the assigned chapters and viewing the videos, discuss in your essay why “legalistic” definition of crime is not sufficient to cover all criminal activities: The legalistic definition of crime is not sufficient to cover all criminal activities because the word crime means for someone to perform act upon or do something that is against the law and can be a threat against the public. It does not cover all of the criminal activities because in the media or with people who are recognized can act upon crimes but do not have any repercussions of them. There are many different types of crime, and there are many levels of criminals. Also, in the …show more content…

Horne would argue that it was causing students to act out and almost feel bad because of their treatment. Even though in history/social study classes there is American history, they may not go in as great of detail as a class totally dedicated the certain races. Horne is almost putting the students who take those classes into categories that they are going to act out because the students feel “let down” although, not just the students of those races take the classes; they are offered to all the students that attend the school. The superintendent is just making a generalization of one incident.
In the video about the Philadephia bombing on the organization MOVE, there was a group that was targeted by the police officers. The group targeted was a group of African American, that were fighting for black liberation and the black lifestyle. It took place on May, 13th 1985, on mother’s day. The police shot over ten thousand rounds within the first hour; they used tear gas, and used a bomb. The bomb used was not something that the local police department could get ahold of, it was something that had to come from the federal government. Two men from the bomb squad went in a helicopter and dropped a C4 bomb. The police held the firefighters back to try to draw the people out of the building. As the people were hollering they were coming out of the building as they left the building. However, they were forced back into

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