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‘’Is criminology "gender-blind" : women and crime’’

Brilly Amancio


Criminal Justice 212


Prof: Christopher Geraghty

Brilly Amancio

Is criminology "gender-blind" : women and crime( by and against)

Woman in Criminology has a really big change from back in the days till now.

Before woman where not that involved in crime either if it was in the good side

like being a cop, detective, lieutenant, or of it was in the bad side, as to being the

one committing the crime. Criminology, as with all academic disciplines, was a

male-dominated sphere. Men regarded the world through a very narrow lens, and

the experiences of women rarely provoked serious interest.

Back in the days woman
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According to Wikipedia

men are more likel to become incarcerated then woman would and this is their

their facts ‘’ In the United States, men are much more likely to be incarcerated

than women.

Nearly 9 times as many men (5,037,000) as women (581,000) had ever at one

time been incarcerated in a State or Federal prison at year end 2001. However,

women are the fastest-growing demographic group in prison. [1].

In 2004, males were almost 10 times more likely than females to commit murder,

including rape-homicides. However, men are also far more likely than women to

be the victims of violent crime, with the exception of rape. There my be a lot of

explanations for this like men are more likely to be more aggressive than woman

so they tend to get in more altercations and tend to act out of rage more than

woman do.

Young teenagers have become really popular in the juvenile system. The number

of female teenagers has increased a lot in the juvenile system as to the number of

female teenagers that are dropping out of school or just kicked out for their

irrational behavior. Still so male is the biggest crime predator in everyone’s eye,

everyone is conscious of how the number of female criminal has increased men is

still the number one target. I this unfair? Yes it is yes in a lot of cases woman are

treated harshly but like like in every case that males do.

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