Criminology and the Criminal Justice System Essay

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Criminology and the Criminal Justice System Jackulin, Cyrus Sec/340 October, 1, 2012 Criminology and the Criminal Justice System No matter where you live in the world the city or the country crime always happens from murder, rape, robbery, arson, assault, auto theft, and burglary. People try their hardest to try and find an area where they cannot deal with crime you can’t find a place. Either were you live crime goes up or down. Living in Minneapolis Minnesota I seen all types of crimes ranging from burglary to murder. Growing up I heard about crimes happening but I really didn’t understand any of it until I became old enough to really see it for myself. I stayed in Minneapolis up until the end of 2010 because I wanted a…show more content…
These two methods are called UCR which stands for Uniform Crime Report and the other method is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). Each of these programs has good information about crime problems in the world. Even though the UCR and NCVS are used for different purpose and focuses on too different crimes they both show the crime problems that are going on in the world. The Uniform crime report is a nationwide program started by the FBI. The UCR program primary purpose is to get reliable information to use in law enforcement and other areas like administration, operation, and management. The UCR had gone under a five year redesign in which that time it converted into a more detailed National Incident-based Reporting system (NIBRS). The NIBRS will provide detail information about every criminal’s incident in 22 categories of offences. Since the 1929 the UCR have collected data from the local and state law enforcement agencies on what they call part I offences’ which is also known as the Crime Index this includes violent crimes like murder and negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault etc. When it comes to reporting data 95 percent of police agencies voluntarily report crime data to the FBI this is not a mandatory to participate in.Since 2004 crime index is no longer reported
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