Critical Analysis And Strategy For Friendship Baptist Church

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Critical Analysis and Strategy for Friendship Baptist Church The Non-profit has been in existence for 43 years. It was organized in response to a rift between the original organization and some of its members. Over the years, the organization has not been able to adapt and develop sufficient training and development within the new organization to foster growth and maturity in members or develop capable leaders from within the organization. The morale and level of viable activity has experienced times of growth and decline due to the change in leadership and lack of clear vision and mission. Key Players There is one formal leader. This leader was elected by a popular vote of the members of the organization. The tenure of the leader is ongoing and has spanned for seven years. The demographic makeup of the organization is varied in age, gender, social class and economics. The racial makeup is predominantly African American. There is a loose structure of administrative support and interior management. Financial elements are handled by a designated person (female) and one assistant (female). There is an elected board of leaders/servants designated to oversee the needs of the members of the organization. This board is made up of 4 males and two trainees. Intended Outcomes The base issue is a failure to communicate clear and directed mission and vision for the organization. There is also a failure to identify necessary changes to normal practice and procedures of the

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