Human Service Administration : St Jude Children 's Research Hospital

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Human Service Administration

St. Jude children’s Research Hospital
What is the name of your organization? What year was the agency founded?
I would like to focus on one non-profit organization that has been doing very well in the recent years. The name of the organization is St Jude Research Hospital, which deals with the cure and treatment of children suffering from catastrophic diseases. In the five decades, it has been operational, the mortality rate has gradually reduced therefore saving lots of lives. St Jude started its operations in 1962. Danny Thomas was the one who started the organization and was helped by two other close friends (Pui, Pei, Pappo, Howard, Cheng, Sandlund and Gajjar, 2012).
What was the total revenue for the current year?
The total revenue of any firm is calculated by adding the total sales of good and services in a given period mostly one year as explained by Austin, (2002). According to St Jude children’s Research Hospital’s financial statement for the year ending June 2014, the total revenue totalled to $ 410,148,655. It was achieved by the addition of net patient service revenue ($ 104,014,142), research grants and contracts ($ 93,786,845), net investment income ($ 201,569,845), net assets released from restrictions (0) and other revenues ($ 10,778,398).
How does this compare to the previous year? Explain where the largest gain or loss was from the previous year?
In the financial year that ended June 2013,

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