Critical Analysis Of Stop Scaring Students By Caroline Bird

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In both “Stop scaring students,” by Devorah Lieberman and “college is a waste of time and money,” by Caroline bird. The authors argue the worth of a college education. The topics addressed in the articles are a worthy subject for college-level students to discuss due to the fact that in both articles Lieberman and Bird discusses that so many people tell college students that college is a waste of time and its only really worth it if you’re going to go to get a bachelor or doctorate degree. Both Lieberman and Bird have strong views toward how much a college education is worth; however, both articles discussed provided supportive reasoning towards both sides of the argument being presented, which is helpful for students when trying to decide whether college is more of a win or lose situation.
The overall view that Devorah Lieberman is trying to present in “Stop Scaring Students” is that she encourages students to be patient when trying to decide on a career path, she explains the importance of having a college education, and how far in life a college education can take you, as well as choosing a career that you will be passionate about as well as one that you will enjoy. Lieberman explains in her article that adults with a college education are more likely to be employed over those with just a high school diploma. Lieberman is trying to get the point across that people should stop scaring college students when it comes to their education. Students shouldn’t base the college

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