Critical Analysis on Edwidge Danticat's A Wall of Fire Rising

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“A Wall of Fire Rising”, short story written by Edwidge Danticat, presents one man’s desire for the freedom and also, the gap between reality and fantasy which is created by the desire. Two different perspectives of evaluating the life bring the conflict between the Guy and Lili who are parents to the little guy. Throughout the story, the Guy implies that he wants to do something that people will remind of him, but Lili who is opposing to the Guy, tries to settle the Guy down and keep up with the normal life that they are belong to. The Guy is aggressive, adventurous and reckless while Lili is realistic and responsible. The wall of fire is the metaphorical expression of the boundary where divides two different types of people. One …show more content…
Especially when he hears latest part, “There is so much sadness in the faces of my people. I have called on their gods, now I call on our gods. I call on our young. I call on our old. I call on our mighty and the weak. I call on everyone and anyone so that we shall all let out one piercing cry that we may either live freely or we should die.”(Danticat 150) The guy wiped his tear after he hears it and heading outside. When the little guy asks his mother what is wrong with his father, Lili answers “His heart hurts,”(155) Because of the guy feels pity on himself, he considers his own life as if it is meant for nothing. He does not want to continue with his boring life but, he desires some excitement or magnificent changes to get involved in his life. To put this simply, he wants to live freely, the guy has too much burdens on his shoulders, such as he is the one who need to sacrifice his life to maintain the ordinary life of the family. “It was now easier for him to imagine their son’s lips around those breasts than to imagine his anywhere near them.”(90) This phrase implies that the Guy does not feel Lili as a woman but more like little guy’s mother. It also foreshadows that there is not much things that would hold the Guy to stay in the ordinary life. While the little guy’s line from the play ignites the Guy’s decision, the hot air balloon is the method of practicing his dream. The Guy keeps telling his wife that he knows how the balloon flies and it is not a miracle
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