Critical Appreciation Of Robert Frost's Poetry

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Poetry in the purest form comes from an author that is writing from his or her own life experiences and Robert Frost did just that. “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Frost uttered these words in remark to how he coped with his troubled life. He dealt with heaps of loss throughout his lifetime which led to him expressing his innermost thoughts and feelings through poetry. Robert Frost's poetry was influenced by his depression that came from the many trials he went through during his life, the different places he lived and the many poets he befriended.
Frost dealt with depression caused by onerous circumstances in his life and these circumstances profoundly influenced his writing. When Robert was eleven years old he lost his father which forced his family to move away from their home and try to cope with their lost. This was just the first of many loved ones who would pass away during his life. Once he got married his first born son died at the age of four to an illness, his second born committed suicide at the age of thirty eight, his third child developed a mental illness and his last child died in her early twenties during childbirth. He went on to also lose his wife to heart attack in 1938 and he was forced to commit his sister into a mental institution in 1920. After all the loved ones he lost he plunged into a state of depression which translated into his tone of writing in some of his most famous poems. My Butterfly, the first
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