Critical Inquiry And Evidence Based Nursing Practice

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Subject Name: Critical Inquiry and Evidence Based Nursing Practice. Student Name: Palaniswamy Gomathy. Student Number: 11544494. Subject Code: NRS531. Date of Submission: 10/08/2015. Due Date: 10/08/2015 Introduction:- In this 21st century, health care is advancing remarkably and achieving various results through research. Research is vital to bring about new inventions, techniques and improvements and create a new body of knowledge. In nursing, research helps to bring about improvements in current practice, knowledge, patient outcomes as well as to create new polices and upgrade the existing ones. For example, a “re-challenge protocol” was created by the researchers to reduce the drug reactions caused by two chemotherapeutic agents. Likewise, numerous research is conducted to improve scientific knowledge in various fields of science. One such knowledge in the field of science is the nursing knowledge. Currently, nurses gain nursing knowledge through various sources, such as journals, research articles, books, Internet etc. Nursing knowledge is the basis for conducting research in nursing. This knowledge can be obtained by nurses through personal experience and clinical practice. Carper (1975, 1978) illustrates that the level of understanding is governed by four basic patterns such as Empirics, Aesthetics, personal knowledge

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