Critical Race Theory And Method : Counter Storytelling

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For this week’s reading, we read the article “Critical race and LatCrit theory and method: Counter-storytelling” by Daniel G. Solorzano and Tara J. Yosso. Throughout the reading, it emphasizes the racial problem that Chicana and Chicano undergraduate and graduate are facing under the educational system. In order to understand more about their experiences, the authors divided the reading into three different steps.
First of all, they defined the meaning of critical race theory. This theory help provide more information about the oppressions towards the minorities within the society; after that policies can be adjusted based on individual and societal perspective. An essential quote from the article is “critical race theory in graduate education is to develop a theoretical, conceptual, methodological, and pedagogical strategy that accounts for the role of race and racism in US graduate education and works toward the elimination of racism as part of a larger goal of eliminating other forms of subordination, such as gender, class, and sexual orientation.” (Solorzano and Yosso 2010) Besides, the authors tried to let the readers understand that ‘intersectionality’ plays a major role when it comes to examining race and racism. We also have to pay attention to gender and class discrimination even though racism is the main theme.
The authors argue that people of color in the United States experience racism, it is an institutional power, which deprived the rights of the minorities.

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