Critical Review On ' Give Me Liberty '

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Critical Review of From Slavery to Freedom, Chapter 5: “Give Me Liberty”

By: Brittanie Bartz
Date: 9/28/15
Instructor: Dr. John Davis

Franklin, John Hope (2010-01-20). From Slavery to Freedom (Page 85). McGraw-Hill Higher Education -A. Kindle Edition.

The conquest of the American Revolution has a rather dynamic history of struggle between two nations, one nation wanting economic power, and the other nation wanting economic independence. This rebellion caused an uproar of all seekers of independence to form an alliance against Britain. Liberty was deemed as the most motivational principle that it redefined the Revolution in its entirety. So much so that enslaved African Americans wanted to fight for the same principle; however, for them--this was not only a fight for American Independence but also, a fight for freedom from their own shackles. Chapter five of the textbook From Slavery to Freedom, “Give Me Liberty,” John Hope Franklin expressed the major impact of African Americans surrounding the Revolutionary War. According to John Hope Franklin, America as a nation was not only founded upon an anti-tax rebuttal but also accrediting racism as a major driving force of the American Revolution.

The beginning of this chapter quotes an iconic legend during this time frame by the name of Patrick Henry. Henry protested British Tyranny with such aggressive vigilance that he caused an uproar of protestors to follow him. Henry’s words were quite

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