Critical Summary Of Insurgent

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Choice As was true of its precursor, Insurgent mainly revolves around the theme of choices and in the manner they can change you. After all, the book's tagline is "one choice can destroy you." In Insurgent, all of Tris's decisions had main drawback, as she determined whether or not to enter risky situations, to fib to Tobias, and even to surrender herself. With so much on the line, Tris's choices involve not only her, but everybody around her. As the cycle goes on, option left just as important, but the stakes get upper and upper Division The entire group system is based around separating people up and creating diverse groups with limitations between them. Insurgent illustrates how these divisions generate an "us vs. them" attitude that eventually brings it to ruin. In this novel, schism also happen within these groups: Dauntless splits into faithful and conspirator, Abnegation is broken , Erudite imperfection from Jeanine and her following, and Johanna and other Amity tear from their section when they do not have the same point of view with the result to stay straightforward . These divisions are what eventually creates so much annihilation, and as Tris learns time and yet again that it is not possible to complete snooty goals when you are separated down in the center. Trust and Honesty With much of this novel taking place in Candor nerve center, it is to be expected that trust and honesty figure vastly into the theme. Tris and Tobias's relationship is put under harm

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