Critical Thinking Assignment On Islam

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Critical Thinking Assignment on Islam

Islam is a monotheistic religion founded by Muhammed during the seventh century. Islam means “ surrender.” (The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetic) To follow the teachings of Islam, one is called a Muslim. The book that was recited to Muhammed from the angel Gabriel is referred to as the Quran. Allah to a Muslim means God. As a Christian I must understand the worldview of Islam. In the understanding I hope to communicate the Christian faith by showing Christ 's love through understanding and maintaining an open dialogue. Islam explains the creation of man as “We created man from sounding clay, from mud moulded into shape ( Sura 15:26) However, if you read further,you discover in another verse “It is he who has created man from water.” (Sura 25:54). Another verse says”that he created you from dust” (Sura 30:20). The essential need of mankind is to worship God. The almighty God has no need for worship. If mankind never worshiped God he would still be perfect. Islam is a religion that is rooted on very strict guidelines that must be followed precisely and without exception. Muslims lives are guided by the teaching of Muhammed. According to Muhammed’s teaching the angel Gabriel came to him in a vision. From this vision came the five Pillars of Islam. New converts to Islam must surrender themselves to the rites, rituals and practices of the religion (Hindson 279). The fives pillars gives specific guidance to how to…
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