Critical Thinking In The Workplace

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The meaning of critical reading is to recognize what a text says about the topic. What are the main goal about the text? Do any of the questions make sense of the presentation as a sequence of thoughts, to understand the information and ideas that you have to answer. We find that people will also argue that opinions stated within the text from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph. Critical reading is an activity used when reader rereads a text to identify patterns of elements. They find information, values, assumptions, and language usage- throughout the discussion, text, email and articles. These elements are tied together in an interpretation, an assertion of an underlying meaning of the text as a whole. Critical thinking involves…show more content…
For example, we had to identify wither for not integration of human resources with organizational culture contribute to the success of Google, Scripps and UPS success. My answer for this question was one way would be the way in which each company tries to remain focused on the balance between employees and policies. Each company ensures that employees have the understanding of what policies are created and how they should handle certain situations. For example, UPS human resource department uses intranet programs to ensure that employees are constantly informed on business objectives and workforce changes. I was about to understand the companies and what they stood for because I had facts about them through the reading. The reading talked about how important human resources was to the company because created order by creating polices. Polices that would inform works and cause change in the work place. Next step in the critical reading process is to analyze and evaluate the materials. In other words how will you answers based off the information given. One way I answered the question was In this case study I have noticed a lot of the human resources team has focused on the growth and education of the
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