Critical Thinking Is Different From Just Thinking

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Critical thinking is different from just thinking. It is deeper thought process that involves thinking about your thinking.(PearsonHighered) It is likely that I already have views on what is okay and not okay: what it is, what its influence is to people. I have these views even if I haven’t formulated them specifically for myself. Each view is an example of thinking, but not necessarily an example of critical thinking. Critical thinking starts once I reflect on my thinking: Why do I have these views about right and wrong? Where is the evidence surrounding my thoughts? How do other people see my views differently? What are their views based on? Critical thinking involves standards, a reasonable judgement call based off of ideas and the criteria to meet those ideas. Taking a step back to think about the relevant and irrelevant to make a decision that would benefit the situation. Critical thinking often comes about a real life situation, when the choice that you make is going to affect not just yourself but the people or places around you. Thinking through choices and making things that are unclear become clear is part of the process, there may not be a single right answer but there are some wrong answers and some that may even be destructive. To think critically effectively you need to ask questions, questions that pertain to the matter at hand and then answer them reasonably at the end of it you need to believe in the results that you have achieved not just because of

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