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Assessing both critical thinking and the reflection process in learning, these aspects are both intertwined. Without one, you cannot have the other. With the use of critical thinking and reflection this thought process allows us to analyse, assess, evaluate, learn and develop arguments. However this can have a twofold affect in the learning process. The learning process means taking many aspects and perspectives into account to establish an argument. Critical thinking draws on questions such as: how, what, when, why and who to determine the quality of an argument and also the credibility. Although without critical thinking a conclusion cannot be drawn. Barriers to critical thinking must also be questioned, whether these are: doubt,…show more content…
(Cottrell, Stella, 2005) states “poor criticism can result from making judgment based on too general an overview of the subject matter.” When developing an argument one must be careful not to make false or unfair assumptions and always look for alternative points of view. Doing this allows you to analyse and evaluate and make a more informed decision about an argument. Arguments are about reviewing, speculating and assessing. As a result of doing this, a line of reasoning can be established and conclusions made. Barriers such as critiquing an argument can have a positive effect in critical thinking and the learning process as it allows a person to question everything. One must also be careful when developing an argument and using the critical thinking skills not to make generalisations and jumping to a conclusion. Critical thinking is the skill of thinking about your own thinking and perspectives.

Critical questioning is an important part of the critical thinking process. Questioning how, what, when, why and who are all essential parts to evaluate and analyse a quality of an argument. By doing this it allows deeper thought and allows you to find an argument. This is described through (Dwyer, Judith, 2009) stating that critical thinking is: “purposeful, self-regulatory judgement that occurs when an issue is raised, a problem needs to be solved, opinions are reconsidered or experiences carefully reflected upon.” With

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