Critically Examine How Black Feminism Emerged And Assess

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Critically examine how Black feminism emerged and assess its impact on contemporary feminist theory. Answer with reference to intersectionality and ‘difference '.

feminism means the equality between men and women in social, political and social standing. There are many different types of feminism that women have adopted that they best feel aligns with their perspectives of the world. This essay will mainly be focusing black feminism that was developed in the 1960s. The essay will examine why the black feminism movement and theories emerged and how it impacts on the contemporary feminist movement.
Since the very beginning the mainstream feminist movement which is led by middle class white women has been criticised for erasing women …show more content…

The black liberating movement was dominated by and fought for the liberation of black men.
Black women faced constant and consistent misogyny within the black liberation movement. The black liberation movement equated with manhood and the freedom of black people with the redemption of hyper black masculinity. The movement tackled one type of oppression which was racial segregation whilst simultaneously perpetrating violent misogyny. Both of the movements failed to see the different intersections of the black woman’s life.

The black feminist movement emerging helped black women understand their own womanhood. According the Black Feminist writer Barbara Smith , the Black Feminist movement that emerged in in 1960s focused on reproductive issues, equality in the healthcare system, harassment, amongst many others. The black feminist movement actively fought against the structural and institutional racism that was deeply overlooked by the mainstream feminists. Black feminism for black women argues for their intersectionality of sexism, racism and class oppression and it actively fought against the structural and institutional racism faced by black women. It was during the emergence of the black feminist movement that black feminist write and professor Kimberlé Crenshaw coined the popular term ‘ intersectional feminism’. Intersectional feminism focused on the different intersections( sexuality,

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