Criticism And The Themes Of Antoni Gaudi

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Antoni Gaudi: I chose Antoni Gaudi because of the way he managed to incorporate the themes of nature and religion into his work. Gaudi had a very deep appreciation and pride of the Mediterranean heritage. A famous comment of him was "We own the image. Fantasy comes from the ghosts. Fantasy is what people in the North own. We are concrete" this really describes his way of viewing his own work... through his complete disregard from past designers and his lust for starting a new trend which he got from nature. His love for nature was started by the time he spent in his garden while enjoying his youth. He would spend hours in the garden looking at how trees would move in the wind. This would later go on to inspire him to use the great sweeping curves he would later use in his design projects. Goudi suffered from extreme rheumatism, this contributed to his reticent and reserved nature. His doctors concerns where one of the leading elements towards him turning …show more content…

He is known to have been attracted to only one woman—Josefa Moreu, teacher at the Mataró Cooperative, in 1884. Thereafter Gaudí took refuge in the profound spiritual peace his Catholic faith offered him. Gaudí is often depicted as unsociable and unpleasant, a man of gruff reactions and arrogant gestures. However, those who were close to him described him as friendly and polite, pleasant to talk to and faithful to friends. Gaudí's personal appearance—Nordic features, blond hair and blue eyes—changed radically over the course of time. As a young man, he dressed like a dandy in costly suits, sporting well-groomed hair and beard, indulging gourmet taste, making frequent visits to the theatre and the opera and visiting his project sites in a horse carriage. The older Gaudí ate frugally, dressed in old, worn-out suits, and neglected his appearance to the extent that sometimes he was taken for a beggar, such as after the accident that caused his

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