Criticism InThe Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

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Susan Cook
Professor Jones
ENC 1102
25 Oct 2017
“The Lottery” Research Paper
“The Lottery,” written by Shirley Jackson, is one of the most crucial pieces of literature to read as well as learn about. This piece was published in 1948 and caused a stir in the literature world. In “The Lottery,” Jackson uses tone throughout the story to help portray the theme. Jackson creates an absolute, barbaric tradition to illustrate the crowds’ mentality and the townspeople’s inability to speak out against injustice when perpetrated by their neighbors.
Jackson is considered to be one of the most haunting figures in American Literature. She showed this side of her in “The Lottery” by perfectly “executing a scathing moral analysis of American society” (Cleveland, “Shirley Jackson”). In the story she has society murder as well as challenges the reader to try to differentiate between the horrific events happening and the meaning behind all of it. Doing so, she engages the reader and has them thinking about what is going to happen next.
In “The Lottery,” Jackson leaves it up to the readers about how to feel with the situations going on. She doesn’t put how she feels throughout the story. By Jackson doing this she is “pushing the reader to make their own judgement.” (EOTL) Throughout “The Lottery,” Jackson keeps a calm and detached tone leaving readers to guess how she truly feels about the situation. Jackson keeping this tone through the entire story accentuates the horror of the story. It is

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