Critique Of A Literature Review Essay

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Assignment 1: Critique of a Literature Review The article, “Evaluation of the Dogs, Physical Activity, and Walking (Dogs PAW) Intervention”, by Richards, E., Ogata, N., & Cheng, C. aim to conduct a longer-term evaluation of the ability of the Dogs, Physical Activity, and Walking (Dogs PAW) intervention to increase dog walking among dog owners. The research problem being addressed explores maintenance of physical activity (PA) behaviour change postintervention and whether changes in behavioral theoretical constructs mediated changes in dog walking behaviour. The literature review is appropriately positioned in the research report and provides support for same. The first few paragraphs of the article discusses the relationship between …show more content…

Under theoretical framework, the literature review explains a good amount on SCT and PA, however, it is lacking in how it relates in particular to dog walking. It is not until the next paragraph that the authors mention the relationship between pet walking and specifically pet attachment to be relating to health outcomes that can be measureable such as blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels. Upon a review of the authors’ sources, I have identified that a majority consisted of primary sources. One of the sources cited, Albert Bandura, provides a good deal of credibility in conjunction with several medical journals such as the Journal of Physical Activity & Health and Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. Many of the sources are extremely relevant to the topic being discussed which in turn provides the reader with pertinent information. One of the other sources which is from Centers of Disease Control and Prevention backs up this article with data pertaining to body mass index calculation and interpretation and information that defines over-weight and obesity. A brief review of the sources identifies a good mix that compliments the article as a whole. After careful consideration, I have decided that this article is somewhat biased. The purpose is to increase dog walking among dog owners. The target audience is for those who owns dogs; however, individuals with different pets, such as exotic animals like a capybara are excluded. On the

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