Cross-Cultural Problems in the Uae

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Dealing With Cross-Cultural Differences at Workplace in the UAE


Impact of Cross-Cultural Differences On Adjustment of Expatriate Employees in the Work Environment of the UAE

The working environment in the UAE has seen huge changes in the last 25 years or so. The change has been introduced primarily by the opening up of multinational firms in the UAE. This has created job opportunities for expatriates, therefore bringing about a large diversity in the workplace with multitude of attitudes, cultures, etc. Managers who employed top positions 25 years ago would see a completely different work environment today. The way managers lead and treat employees has changed. In general, United Arab Emirates
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For example, it is still uncommon for local man and woman to shake hands. With respect to paid work and role of women in the society, there has been a great revolution. UAE government is providing incentives for sound education of women by opening up women only universities and offering women opportunities to stands in competition with their male counterparts. They are increasingly becoming part of the labor force eyeing successful careers at workplaces (Ashencaen, 2007).

Global competition and reduction in trade barriers have increased the demand for individuals who can work effectively in a foreign environment. In the United Arab Emirates, the expectation is for the number of expatriates has always been on increase and interestingly, there has been even a further increase, following the global recession, in the interest of foreign nationals to come and work in the UAE. However, the fact cannot be denied that at the same time, the number of expatriate workers failing to adjust in the UAE is on increase as well. The underlying research hence, aims at studying various factors which aid or hurdle the social and cross-cultural adjustment of expatriate employees in the cosmopolitan work environment of the UAE. The research also aims to explore the significance of organizational support to employees, in their adjustment.

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