Crossing Within Polylingual Families With Contested Structure

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Introduction This research seeks to examine crossing within polylingual families with contested structure. I analyzed a scene from the television show Trailer Park Boys in which a three member family interact using the concepts of crossing, facework, and footing, in order to answer my research question. I found that the central character uses crossing as a method of performing facework. As a result of this, he also indicates preference and dispreference to his family members. Theoretical Framework Crossing involves someone speaking in another language, dialect, or pattern which feels distinctly “other” (Rampton, 2000, p. 54). This can occur in a wide variety of contexts such as first generation Americans using English in a non-English household in order to embrace one cultural system over another. Or, using a different pattern of speech around a significant other’s parents in order to convey positive social values. In the case of the scene I analyzed, the central character’s language is already crossed as he is a white man speaking almost exclusively African American Vernacular English (AAVE). He further uses crossing to interact with his Hispanic girlfriend. As a character, his crossed language is one of his most defining qualities, making him an interesting case study. Because of the character’s use of AAVE as a white man, he can be juxtaposed with ‘Mike’, the person of interest in a study of white teens and AAVE adoption (Cutler, 1999). Mike, like Jamie, the main

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