Cry, the Beloved Country by Alan Paton

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Change can be difficult for nurturing individuals. Alan Paton examines this problem in Cry, the Beloved Country. Throughout the story, Paton adds specific personalities to his characters to contribute to change. Characters in Cry, the Beloved Country went through hardships that changed them to realize reality and its outcomes. Paton accordingly creates a picture throughout his story to explain the problems in South Africa. There are many contributing factors of Paton’s idea to identify as being important for change to occur in Cry, the Beloved Country. In Paton’s book, he describes South Africa as a country that suffers from discrimination and the way the natives are being treated. The message Paton is trying to send to his readers is for change in equality, hope, and cooperation. The factors he listed were how the white Europeans broke the native’s tribes leading to high rates of being misfortunate, competition for jobs, and crime. In Cry, the Beloved Country, three characters were influenced by their surroundings and changed their point of view on society. Tribal systems believe in being a stable family with an honorable reputation. Breaking the tribe’s way of functioning leads to a sin based on Paton’s book Cry, the Beloved Country. Stephen Kumalo is a Priest, therefore having many responsibilities for having a good reputation. Kumalo received a letter by Msimangu stating that his sister Gertrude is ill. Stephen takes action by going to Johannesburg to find his

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