Cuba 's Relationship With The U.s.

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Cuba’s relationship with the U.S. is not at its desire state. There are three famous incidents that support this statement which are as follows; Fidel Castro’s presidency of Cuba, Guerilla Warfare in Cuba, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Fidel Alejandro Castro was born in Biran, Cuba on August 13, 1926. He was the third child out of six children, he had two brothers and three sisters. Fidel’s father, Angel Castro, was a plantation owner from Spain. His mother, Lina Ruz Gonzalez was Angel’s first wife’s maid. At the age of fifteen Castro’s father divorced his first wife and married Lina. By the age of seventeen Fidel was recognized by Angel and his name was changed from Ruz to Castro. Fidel grew up in wealthy circumstances surrounded by the poverty of Cuba’s people. He was educated in private Jesuit boarding schools. Castro attended El Colegio de Belen and after his graduation in late 1945 he got in law school at the University of Havana. He became very interested in politics of Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism, and socialism.Fidel Castro is the reason why Cuba became a communist country.
In 1947 Fidel began the Guerilla war against Batista. He went to the Dominican Republic to join an expedition to try to overthrow Dictator Rafael Trujillo. The attempt failed before it even started, but this didn’t stop Castro’s passion for reform. Castro followed his political desire as a candidate for a seat in the Cuban parliament. The revolution led by General Flugencio Batista
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