Cue for Treason Essay

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Tia Berardi ENG 1D1 Ms.Oliver Monday April 2nd 2012 Several Characters Can Have Loyalty Not everyone possesses the quality of loyalty, but those that do are worth having a relationship with. The author of Cue for Treason, Geoffry Trease, demonstrates this trait in many of the characters. The most loyal bond in this book, which took place very early on in the novel, was Peter and Kit’s. One of the most significant bonds has to be amongst the Secret Agents, the Queen, and all of England. Lastly, the most heroic form of loyalty is portrayed by Tom Boyd, Peter, and Kit. Each one of these characters do not betray each other once. So, several characters in the novel show loyalty to one another throughout. Peter and Kit are faced with the…show more content…
Instead she stays to help him and not leave him on his own. No matter what he said she will not betray him, “’Ride on!’ I bawled… Again Kit ignored my advice. She argued afterward that there was no help she could hope to fetch, and in those circumstances she wasn’t going to leave me” (Trease 253). This shows how much the two care for each other, and will not abandon each other when situations get rough. Although the pair fights numerous times, in the end they are always there for each other, and never betray each other’s trust. But, this is not the last time loyalty was shown. The Secret Agents show loyalty to the Queen, protecting her in every way possible, therefore demonstrating loyalty to all of England as well. One of the first was a man by the name of Walsingham. Walsingham was one of the very first Secret Agents, devoting his time and life to protecting the Queen, and establishing the Secret Agent organization. Without Walsingham the Secret Agency would not be as successful, “It was Walsingham who built up a wonderful system of government spies and agents, to ferret out all the plots that were going and scotch the most before they got too dangerous” (Trease 155-6). Walsingham established the Secret Agency, which only got improved with a mission statement of protecting the Queen, thus keeping England under control. Tom Boyd may have been one of the most committed to his profession. Proving he will do
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