Cultural And Culture, Culture And Cultural Awareness Of Italy

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Italy Cultural Awareness Culture gets defined as the shared behavior that usually exists within a given group of people, and is known to have learned and develop with time through socialization in the families, social groups, and schools. This group of people has to reach an agreement for that culture to exist. Culture awareness therefore is the understanding that someone has about the difference between themselves and other groups of people from other countries or even other backgrounds. It could be differences regarding their behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, norms and their values. Different people do things in a particular way; they view the world in various manners and even react to things in a variety of ways (Whittaker, A. 2010 ). Culture awareness in Italy is the focus of this paper.
Broadly discussed, Italian culture entails, arts, family issues, food, architecture, and music. Although other ethnicities live in this country, it becomes known that about 96% of Italy is composed of Italians. The country's official language is Italian, and majority speaks it as their primary language. The Italian family became viewed as a significant value. Most dwell in extended families rather than the nuclear family who are only composed of father, mother, and children. The families gather for multiple occasions throughout the year, and even more for no special occasion at all except to be with one another, this tradition continue on with their children and their children’s

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