Cultural Beliefs

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Cultural Beliefs on Health
Antwoney Palmar
Rasmussen College Cultural Beliefs on Health
The nursing profession has played a big role in caring for the patients in the health sector. Additionally, it has helped save lives of very many people in the world. Cultural beliefs, on the other hand, have played a role in the hindering of nursing practice. However, delivery of quality health is a right to every citizen of every state or country. Additionally, there are some cultural practices that highly oppose the health delivery among people of some communities. All the cultures have health beliefs that help the community members in ascertaining the cause, method of treatment and healing. This paper discusses the cultural beliefs and practices that hinder health delivery in the health sector.
Firstly, there are several ways through which cultural beliefs and practices hinder the health delivery in the health sector worldwide. Cultural belief has been one of the biggest hindrances to the health sector. However, different cultures have different beliefs about the cause, effect, treatment, and healing (Vaughn, 2009). The extent to which education has had the effect on people has been on the rise despite the cultural practices that also hinder education in their lives. This has also influenced the way modern healthcare system is perceived in the cultural context. A consideration of culture before the examination can help the physician to understand the culture of the patient

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