Cultural Competence : Cultural Incompetency From A Practice Perspective

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A professional practice issue discussed is cultural incompetence. Competence is a principle within the Code of Ethics. Under the Regulated Health Professions Act, incompetence is described as when a dietitian’s care of a patient demonstrates lack of knowledge, skill or judgment which shows they are unfit to practice (Steinecke, 2015). Competence therefore, requires a dietitian to have sufficient knowledge, skills, and judgement, a professional attitude and a constant desire of improving on said knowledge, skills, and judgment (Steinecke, 2015). Specifically, the issue that occurs often in this field of practice as discussed with a dietitian I am familiar with is, cultural incompetence. Cultural incompetence is a common issue that can take place in the field of dietetics. Cultural competence is defined as: “"a set of behaviours, attitudes, and policies that work congruently to enable professionals to work effectively across various cultures" (Huycke, Ingribelli & Rysdale, 2017).

Cultural Incompetency from a Practice Perspective

The existence of several different cultures can make it challenging for dietitians in practice. Accordingly, culture is imperative when it comes to health and nutrition counselling. Culture determines what people eat, when they eat it and why. It impacts the food choices and beliefs that they have. Moreover, aside from food, culture also influences how one understands health, and how they pursue treatment (Goody & Drago, 2009). Evidence demonstrates
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