Cultural Conflict Can Bring Dramatic Changes to Socity Essay example

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Culture Conflict Can Bring Dramatic Changes to Societies

Things Fall Apart written by Chinua Achebe analizes the coming of the white man and its results on the culture of the people of Umuofia. The coming of the white man brought about culture conflict which affects the people of Umuofia's religion, their judicial system and their social life. Their lives are transformed in many different ways and change the perspective they have.

The arrival of the white man affects the people of Umuofia's religion and cause culture conflict. The people of Umuofia have many gods. Agbala- the oracle of the Hills and Caves. "People come from far and near to consult it" (12). People consult it when they have a discussion or altercation with their …show more content…

Their egwugwu who gives justice is feared by the women and their children. Whenever the egwugwu is approaching, the women and children always shout and run away (63). They also don't unmask the masquerade. The masquerade's identity is not known by anyone who doesn't belong to the clan's secret cult.

The religion of the people of Umuofia is totally completely different from the white man's religion. This situation caused a cultural conflict between the white man and the people of Umuofia. The white man's desire is to impose his religion on the people of Umuofia. The white man believes in one God which he believes has created the heaven and the earth. He also said his God made the entire world and the Umuofia's gods. He wanted the people of Umuofia to abandon their gods and follow his own religion. The white men belittle the people of Umuofia's gods by saying different things about their gods. The white man says that the people of Umuofia's god are gods of deceit who tell them to kill their fellow and destroy innocent children. The white man says "your gods are not alive and cannot do you any harm and they are made of piece of wood and stone" (146). Hearing and seeing all these from the white man, the people of Umuofia were not satisfied with the white man's religion which was a cause for a culture conflict.

The coming of the white man also influenced the form of justice in

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