Cultural Considerations Of Electric Cars

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Cultural Considerations of Electric Vehicles
Andrew Gahlbeck
DeVry University
LAS-432-61628 Tech, Society, and Culture
Professor Shelly Wyatt

Table of Contents

1. Introduction *
1.1 Cultural Considerations of the Electric Car *
2. Comparing the United States to China in the Use of Electric Cars *

2.1 CO2 Emissions and Air Pollution *
2.2 Electric Car Charging Station *

3. American Innovation for the Electric Car *

3.1 Scientific Research and Development *
3.2 Electric Car Safety *
3.3 Setbacks in Innovation for EVs *

4. Advertising and Values for Our Culture *

4.1 *

1. Introduction
1.1 Cultural Considerations of the Electric Car
We have the desire to create a new form of technology and get away from gasoline cars. Electric cars are the future in transportation and will pave the way for the auto industry in years to come. Even though we have not seen the results we need in production, costs, and technology, people are positive they will soon catch on. In this paper I will discuss the cultural considerations of the electric car. I will compare the United States use of technology with other nations around the world such as China. When comparing them, I will cover the main sources of the technology for present electric cars and also the production. I will review America’s innovation and motivation in pursuing the electric car. Based on that I will name some leading car brands

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