Cultural Differences

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Cultural differences:
Cultural differences could be a problem, because different people have different beliefs, Traditions etc. they differ between countries, in religious societies, and people. For example, in Asia, they believe that giving eye contact to the elders is rude, they see it as a sign of disrespect. Therefore the traditions in Asia is, when the elders are speaking to the younger people, they must lower their gaze. Although it’s a tradition, people from other countries have to respect it. A lot of people, in the modern world, criticise these traditions. Another barrier, that occurs under cultural differences is that, maybe the person you are talking to does not speak English, or maybe they are confused and lost in translation, whilst you are talking, this can be a very serious situation, for example, if you have to tell somebody who does not understand your language, you may email them, and due to language differences they may read words like "thanks" as an offensive word in their native tongue, in order to overcome this problem it is advisable that you use a professional translator, such as google translate or through an online website, this is if it is working on a computer, and if its face to face method, then you can find someone who can speak multiple languages to come with you whilst you’re telling the person that doesn't speak English what to do. A solution that you can do to reduce the impact of a person’s culture in effective communication is that to
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