Cultural Differences In Education

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The education of our youth is, by far, the most important thing that the older generations must do to ensure their future. Fundamentals are taught based upon the desired and acceptable standards of today's society. Those standards, however, fall severely short in cultural understanding and acceptance as cultural differences were not designed into the education system. Though schools are diversified that does not mean a student will find acceptance within. Sherman Alexie stated, “Sharing dark skin doesn’t necessarily make two men brothers.” Alexie’s statement was written to show the commonality of racial/ethnic division among social groups and between similar minorities. Alexie’s description of his educational experience in reference to his ethnicity mirrors similar aspects in my own experience as well.
Growing up as the child of an average African American father and a typical southern caucasian mother finding the balance between the two proved to be more influential in my education than ever expected. My parents made sure that I was always aware of both cultures gave me the freedom to live life identifying with both. However, once I reached mid-elementary grades it became more prevalent that I needed to choose a side in which to identify. I would slowly begin to understand that my election could have such major influence on the education I would receive.
In middle and high school children would question my actions, such as the way I spoke proper english would invoke the

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