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[pic] Cultural Event Week 1 Chris Dahir HUM/100 Ronald Schaffer University of Phoenix May 19, 2009 One of the most unforgettable cultural events I have attended was the musical, Les Miserables, which is set during the early 19th century when France was on the verge of one of their many waves of revolutions. When we arrived at the theater my friend who I was with, ran into a good friend, who also happened to be the manager at the theater that evening. He graciously sat us in seats three rows back from the stage, rather than in the seats we had purchased. The experience was remarkable as we could see every facial expression and the sweat on the brow of each of the actors. I have had the privilege of seeing Andrew Lloyd…show more content…
During the night Valjean wakes and proceeds to rob the bishop and his wife of their sterling silver. The bishop comes to see what all the noise is about and Valjean strikes him and knocks him out and runs away with the silver in a pillowcase. The next morning the soldiers bring Valjean back with the silver in hand. The bishop extends the ultimate grace explaining that the silver was given to Valjean and asks him why he did not take the candlesticks as well. The bishop sends his wife to get the candlesticks and gives him those also. The bishop speaks to Jean Valjean after the soldiers had left and tells him to never forget that through the giving of the silver the bishop had bought his soul back and ransomed him from fear and hatred; he no longer belonged to evil but with the bishops grace and forgiveness Valjean is given back to God to now become a new man. Valjean turned his life completely around and began to carve out a life that exemplified the new man the bishop had described. Sadly, the social and political climate at that time was harsh, unforgiving and set against any second chances for a criminal. I was disturbed by the obsessive harshness and lack of awareness to the needs of the poor and hungry by the society, officials and the government at large during this place in time. Gary Delashmutt, pastor at Xenos Christian Fellowship, said, “We don’t change in order to

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