Cultural Globalization: The Pros And Cons Of Cultural Globalization

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Supporters of globalization argue that it has the potential to make this world a better place to live in and solve some of the deep-seated problems like unemployment and poverty. But the opponents general complaint about globalization is that it has made the rich richer while making the non-rich poorer. “It is wonderful for managers, owners and investors, but hell on workers and nature.”
Mark Pearson from the OECD, told BBC News: "It's not just income that we're seeing being very concentrated - you look at wealth and you find that the bottom 40% of the population in rich countries have only 3% of household wealth whereas the top 10% have over half of household wealth." (Anthony Reuben, 2015)

Hence one can see globalization is a complex phenomenon that here we are going to dissect its pros and cons across three different views: Economic, Cultural and Political.

Economic globalization

Economic globalization can simply call international trade, which refers to the world economic activities beyond the borders through the foreign trade, …show more content…

The most significant is the mass communication, globalization through the media to lead local culture and foreign cultures penetrate into their own culture, influenceing our nomal life such as diet, behavior, values and etc.

Pros of cultural globalization:
Cultural exchange activities can enrich people's knowledge. There are so many differences between foreign culture and domestic culture, we can use some kind of foreign ideas for the development of domestic culture in the exchange, so that we cam make rational use of foreign culture to the development our country also to lead rapid development of domestic culture. In addition to make full use of cultural exchanges, to promote our country and foreign ethnic friendship, so that to achieve friendly cooperation with both side.

Cons of cultural

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