Globalization : Positive And Negative Effects On Today's Society

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In today’s world and economy there have been many factors that affect us all at a global level. Being as technology is increasingly growing at an all-time high and cultures are changing because of these changes, this has led to the world being more globalized. Globalization is the process of interaction amongst people, businesses, governments of different countries and nations, and is driven and or influenced by international trade and international business. Technology has been one of the largest contributing factors to the reason why the world is becoming more globalized. Globalization has both positive and negative effects on the environment, societies, as well as today’s cultures. Cultural globalization refers to the process of spreading one’s cultural values, ideology, and uniqueness on a global level. Cultural globalization can have both positive and negative effects on today’s society as well. A positive effect of cultural globalization is the easy accessibility of different cultural products and commodities. A negative effect of cultural globalization is that smaller, more unique cultures may lose what makes them different and more distinctive from other countries or cultures. Scholars see these changes as part of processes such as cultural hybridity, cultural homogenization and or cultural imperialism. These processes that lead to changes in culture, social order and identity and all of the processes are both similar and different in many ways. Cultural
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