Cultural Identity Development

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Before we delve into how culture and society heavily influences our identity, we must consider what makes a society a society. In a sense, a society is expounded as a group of individuals who live under a particular ambiance and collaborate in the exchange of words while sharing common interests and aims amongst each other. The people of today have the fascinating ability to accumulate unique ideas that could potentially change the world as well as influence others into how they may think of themselves. I am drawn to the thought that in order for there to be change, there must be those who are willing to sacrifice. Unfortunately, there are some things that go sacrificed unwillingly but are condoned by the majority as the norm. The culture that we hold behind our identities often becomes distorted by outside factors such as our peers and the world around us. The moment we are born into this world, we are exposed to new stimuli on a daily basis. Things like friends and family have a huge influence on one’s identity. Humans are naturally driven by the strong desire of belongingness within our communities and so we look for the fragments that develop our identities. Individuals seek traits that will make others …show more content…

No matter who you are or what environment you live under, the physical or mental aspects of that particular individual will be greatly affected by the society that they themselves explore every day. Before we answer this particular question, we must understand just how human identity is developed, what culture consists of, and then drive towards our conclusion of how culture influences identity development. For the most part, in order to know what stimulates the growth of identity development, we must comprehend how identity is developed. Identity development starts with infants realizing their sense of self which perpetuates throughout childhood and then becomes the main platform of

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