The Importance Of Cultural Identity

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Though it does not come up in everyday thought, cultural identity is an idea that all humans possess. Abridged, cultural identity can be simply explained as the sharing of a similar culture by people of various ethnicities. However, cultural identity is more complex than that, defined by an individual’s values, beliefs, and ideas of moral behavior influenced by their culture. Furthermore, cultural identity is ever changing from individual to individual. This means that although two individuals may be of the same ethnicity, differences in circumstances may cause variations between the individuals’ personal beliefs. As a result of interracial interactions, multiculturalism has grown during the twenty-first century. However, multiculturalism is not easily accommodated in society, as Kristen Lee explains in her interview “Multiculturalism Explained in One Word: HAPA.” Although Kristen Lee possesses a Chinese appearance, she is only twenty-five percent Chinese and seventy-five percent Swedish. Lee grew up on a ranch in rural Michigan, experiencing a childhood that is far different from that of Chinese children. Furthermore, being unable to speak a Chinese dialect, the authenticity of Lee’s heritage is questioned by other Chinese individuals. “I feel like a society that focuses on black and white doesn’t recognize my unique multicultural experience,” Lee states. This is a common issue faced by numerous multiethnic individuals in America. Multiethnic individuals are not accepted

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