Cultural Identity. Humans Have Thrived In Their Outlined

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Cultural Identity
Humans have thrived in their outlined structure of society and communicate with different cultures in a variety levels, ways, and ideas. Communication between cultures is shaped its values, beliefs, and behaviors. These components characterize an array of individuals, with determinate factors that affect how they communicate. The United States cultural components of values, beliefs, and behavior, affect how I communicate with unfamiliar cultures in a variety of ways.
The United States of America, in particular, is known for its dominant cultural patterns that defines its many distinctive Americans, such as myself. Dominant cultural patterns are known as a set of related traits or characteristics that describe a …show more content…

Our “blocking” time management system of monochromic allows us to be more adaptable to change, or be considered a low uncertainty avoidance civilization. This modern westerners thought process engages differently than other cultures. Altogether, these characteristics of the country shape how American families operate and express themselves to other nations.
Within the United States, subgroups, categories, or organizations, identify an individual. An individual is shaped by the benefits or disadvantages of these elements. A distinct American, like myself, may consider her white family heritage, Methodist beliefs, and job occupation as a waitress, part of one’s identity. Elements like these shape my behavior in different environments. For example, I would feel more comfortable in a Methodist church than a Lutheran. But when experiencing a new religion, I try to be open minded, and focus on the “why” that particular religion has its beliefs. This also connects to those who come from another race or ethnic group. In those instances that I am the new minority and analyze how these “new” people intercommunicate. My interests, specifically knitting, connects me with those who most likely are part of an older generation. All of these elements shape who I am and my behavior. As I learn through these organizations, my behavior is constantly changing based on those around me and the environment. When something new or different is

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