Cultural Interview Analysis

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When embarking on the journey of learning a foreign language, one of the most important aspects to consider is immersing one’s self in the culture, not just the vocabulary. Having a deeper and broader understanding of the cultural gives both insight and wisdom to the people who speak the language one is learning. In an effort to get closer to south American culture, I conducted an interview with Isaura Sampaio. Isaura was born in Brazil, and moved to the United states in 1982. Here, she raised two American born daughters. In addition to speaking Portuguese, the native language of brazil, she is also fluent in Spanish and English. The following is an account of the conversation we shared, detailing some of the more poignant difference between…show more content…
Mr. Nazir was finishing his last year of residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he was one of the doctors caring for Isaura’s father. Isaura was in the US for three months with her father, at the end of that three-month time period, Mr. Nazir proposed. As a newlywed in a new country, Isaura was being inundated with new information and cultural standards. When asked about some of the bigger challenges of moving to a new country, Isaura responded, “when you move to another country, you don’t realize that it’s going to be difficult. … When geowing, you assilmilate everything that happens around you in your country without noticing, It’s just something that happens. You’re just absorbing everything. So when you’re put in a different environment … it’s not in sync with you.” She went on to say it takes years before you really fit in to your new home. It takes time before you “really get it,” as she put it. Time to understand the news, people, and sense of humor among other things. One of the biggest diffences in culture Isaura experienced in this time of transition was the informality of her new home. She goes on to say that even to this day she calls her own daughters first and asks permission to come visit them, as was customary Sao Paulo, Brazil. She refers the residents of Sao Paulo as the “kings of formaility”. While getting used to the new culture…show more content…
According to Isaura, “you guys [Americans] don’t know how to Carnival…. It’s the craziest, most absurdly loud, and fun and happy party you will ever go to in your life!” Officially, Carnival should last four days, but the Brazilians start the festivities months in advance. Carnival starts Friday afternoon and lasts until Ash Wednesday before Easter every year. It is the analogous celebration of Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Isaura claims it is the proportion of the festivities that make Carnival so special. She even went on to say that her daughter Marina and I should go together one
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