Cultural Perspectives On Sex And Relationships Essay

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Cultural Perspectives

Love, sex and relationships. These three aspects of life are in every culture. Although they are present in every culture, the characteristics of these three are portrayed differently between each and every society. Various cultures are influenced by the media, social norms, and traditions. The media portrays sex as if everyone is “doing it” all the time. This not only includes people who are married, but single people as well. Social norms, however, seem to look down upon people constantly having sex. Having sex constantly with many partners is not respected or accepted. And in tradition, it depends greatly from culture to culture. For the Muslim culture, wives are treated like property, where in America, marriage is the equal joining of two partners. To examine the differences between each culture/country in the world, we must dive into each culture’s beliefs and values amongst sexuality, relationships, marriage and love. The cultures focused on in this paper are Asian, European and American cultures.
Firstly, is the Asian culture. In their culture’s belief about sexuality, relationships, marriage and love, the collectivist ideal is used. A collectivist ideal is described as having priority of the society or a group over individual welfare. This means Asians believe in groups’ ideals over individuals’ ideals. This collectivist ideal states that marriage isn’t only the unity of two individuals, but two families. Since this is the unity
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