Cultural Relativism And Morals And Codes

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Philosophy has many different topics that are debatable and have been argued throughout its long history. Cultural relativism is a very interesting and controversial topic in the philosophical/ religious world. To further understand cultural relativism one must first learn the definition. Cultural relativism is the view that Different cultures have different moral codes and values, therefore culture is subjective and arbitrary. When given a closer look at cultural relativism we come to the conclusion that it is not as plausible as it first appears and that certain moral values are needed in creating a sustainable and thriving society (57).In This paper I will begin with a short analyst briefly stating the beliefs of a cultural relativist, explaining their values and examining their views on cultural morals and codes. Then moving on to analyzing the Argument of cultural differences which discusses the view that there is no universal “right” or “wrong” when examining cultures moral views; a cultures morals and values are simply a matter of opinion. Lastly I will confirm that every culture has a diminutive amount moral views and values. As we observe cultural relativism a relativist of this theory would assume the claim that all moral rules and values are only relative to culture; the views of a culture are subjective and arbitrary. Meaning there is no real universal standard when examining another cultures views and morals every standard is dependent on a cultures own
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