Cultural Safety And Nursing Practice Essay

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This assignment will endeavour to discuss cultural safety and the application to nursing practice. It will highlight three specific issues from the chosen scenario that impacts nursing care, three workplace changes and a suggested change management model used to implement these changes and finally highlight factors that display culturally competent and person centred care is being practiced.
In 1980’s the concept of cultural safety was introduced initially to deliver appropriate health services to Maori in New Zealand (NZ) (Doutrich, Dekker, Spuck, & Hoeksel, 2014). According to Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ] (2011) cultural safety is a framework of guidelines in the delivery of healthcare services that is recognised as safe by the individual receiving care. NCNZ (2011) states that since the year 1990 cultural safety has been adapted and applied to nursing education and the delivery of care of patients within the growing and diverse population of NZ. Cultural safety can be defined as the effective nursing practice of an individual of another culture and that practice is defined by the individual receiving care (NCNZ, 2011). When providing culturally safe care Registered Nurses (RN) is required to reflect on their professional and individual power positions when providing care. This will help an RN comprehend how power impacts their practice and a patient’s health outcome (NCNZ, 2011).

Cultural safety practices are actions that acknowledge and respect different
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