Culturally Relevant Learning Experience

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Culturally Relevant Learning Experience Creating the opportunity for school culture will captivate that inspires children to dream and support learners to be successful. When students enter the classroom to expand their learning, they deal with positive learning that has an outcome that cultivate in classrooms to the highest level when children are appreciated and respected as teachers will have a rich cultural capital for families that gives an educational environment. Nick could have stayed in school in a culture response as being more grounded in education of research that would have recognized what children learn best in an interactive and educational model that focus on routine instructions. The school could have taught him strategies that would have support positive learning and outcomes for children. They could have nurtured Nick in his strength areas as connecting to his knowledge. In some aspect, they could have used Nick home language to recognize the essential elements of learning. They could use his strength of skills in research as a high workforce capital. The school should have provided after school programs for him to have a clear understanding in school and what he likes. Nick could have participated in camps that dealt with technology in the Math Enrichment or Language/Art Camps that deals with computers and other technology that deals with major courses. Nick had a weakness, they should have tried harder on what he needed help. If he had a confident
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