Culturally Specific Program Essay

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Explain, in your own words, what culturally specific programs/resources means to you. Culturally specific programs/ resources means to me when you have a client or client who have language barriers, cultural barrier, and you need the skill to communicate with, work together, and serve people from all cultural backgrounds or a specific culture with respect, professionalism, integrity, honestly, fairness and be aware of the different needs of each individual client.
Why you do or do not believe referring clients to culturally specific programs/resources is appropriate when providing case management services. I believe it depends, if you looking at the individual in a derogatory way or using to be disrespectful way. On the other hand I believe it’s inappropriate because we don’t want …show more content…

5) Identify any additional information provide
They accept volunteers and have events with food, drinks and game to get to know all the parent and children better.
They provide a lot of different resources such as Special Education / IEP & IFSP, translation / interpretation Services, in-Home Visitation, monthly support group meetings, emotional & social support, transportation, provide information regarding family networks & workshops, health care referrals, ARC: Advocates for the right of Citizens with Developmental Disabilities, APPCC: Asia Pacific Cultural Center and many

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