Culture Change And The Massai

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Culture Change and the Massai By Brianna Hickerson 05/13/15

The Maasai are one of the Nilotic nomadic group that migrated originally from Northern Africa to Kenya and Tanzania. They are one of the last authentic warrior tribes in the world. Although the world has changed throughout the centuries due to factors such as industrialization, globalization, colonization and war, the Maasai are able to sustain their culture. Despite the fact that the Maasai has been successful at preserving their culture, the effects of modern legislature, westernization, and education has taken a toll on their roving society. For centuries the Maasai have been pastoralists who share a deep and spiritual connection with their livestock. They consume the blood, milk and meat to nourish themselves. The Maasai believed for many years that god made all the cattle on earth only for them. Because of this belief the Maasai would get into conflict with other tribes though in modern times though this has been outlawed. The tribe’s lives are revolved around the livelihood of the cattle therefore they tried to search for land that receives more rainfall in the year and has plants that can sustain the cattle. The men in the tribe care for and protect the cattle young boys are not allowed to own cattle until they go through Emuratare (circumcision) ceremony young girls received circumcision as well but still did not get to care for the cattle. Having many cattle along with…
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