Culture Is A Vital Part Of Our World

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Culture is a vital part of our world. From language and art to traditions and history. But what better way to understand and see a different view of a particular culture, than to read a novel from that culture? Good morning guests. It is a privilege to be here with you today to discuss the importance of cultural reading and how it can enrich our own culture and understanding of life outside of our own. Without cross-cultural reading, we would be ignorant to the complexity of most cultures and only know bits and pieces of facts and stereotypes. Cultural reading not only tells you more about the culture, but it allows you to see the similarities between your culture and another’s. Also coming across misunderstandings in texts are a way to see the cultural differences between cultures. The particular culture I have explored is Irish culture. It seems that to many the Irish culture is one full of life, and “half-glass full” attitudes, which to some extent, is true. However, in some parts of Ireland, life isn’t that simple. Some lives are filled with hardship, and the struggles of poverty, some show the commitment they have to their family whilst going through a difficult time, and some use humour to lighten the mood and hide these hardships. For this study, some of the main texts I have explored is Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, The Woman Who Walked Into Doors and Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha both by Roddy Doyle, short stories from Dubliners by James Joyce, and the film The
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