Culture Is The Shared Values And Beliefs That Shapes An Organization

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Organizational culture is the shared values and beliefs that shapes an organization (Bethel, 2016). Further, organizational culture defines how the employees and leadership treat each other and others (Parnell, 2014). Honestly, it appears Southwest has captured pieces of both an adaptive and inert culture. Why? Adaptive culture exhibits trust, employee involvement, positive change, and a willingness to embrace change relevant to their core values (Parnell, 2014). Check, Southwest meets the criteria. However, an inert culture focuses on performing certain jobs a certain way, without the need for creativity (Bethel, 2016). Check, parts of Southwest meets this criteria.

Clearly, Southwest has a strong culture built on “deeply rooted values and ways of thinking that regulate their behavior” (Parnell, 2014, p. 297). Typically, weak cultures focus on diversity (Parnell, 2014). However, Southwest has embraced cultural diversity for years. In 2015, Forbes named Southwest as one of the nation’s best employers followed by Fortune naming them the number seven most admired company (Grasso, 2015). How did they accomplish such an amazing feat? CEO Kelly said, "From the beginning, Southwest embraced diversity because we really made flying available to people from all walks of life" (Grasso, 2015, para. 2).

Organizational culture at Southwest Airlines has long been one of equal opportunity for learning and personal growth; creativity and innovation; and concern, respect, and a…
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