Culture Of Safety By Reagan Davison Essay

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Culture of Safety By Reagan Davison Submitted in partial fulfillment for the course NSG 337: Introduction to Professional Nursing Concepts I The University of Southern Mississippi College of Nursing Gulf Coast Campus Long Beach, MS Spring 2016 Culture of Safety Safety is a topic that people try to reinforce in every situation. There are always precautions to take account for everywhere you go. When safety is discussed in the professional field of nursing, it isn’t just being extra careful. It is a matter of culture; safety is something that should be instilled in nurses. It should be second nature to “be careful” and to not make mistakes as best as one possible can. Patient safety starts with the person admitting the patient and continues with every person that comes into contact with that patient in between that until the patient leaves and even thereafter. Once this concept instills in all professionals contributing in our healthcare system, this system that sometimes can seem to be broken can emerge to heights beyond we’ve seen. The goal is to prevent accidents and the careless mistakes that don’t have to happen every day. The whole idea of safety culture did not start inside of healthcare. Organizations and businesses continuously lowered the amount of mistakes that take place in the workplace without making it extremely difficult or complex to do so. They made it priority to provide safety by all means. This establishes a culture a safety that all

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