Evaluation Of Patient Safety Systems

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Salome Kioko
Chamberlain College of Nursing
NR224 Fundamental-Skills
Dr. Minor, Dr. Dickson-Maret
Patient Safety Systems (PS) This brochure “Patient Safety Systems” focuses on the commitment made by The Joint Commission to provide quality care and safety of patients which is extended to families, health care practitioners, staff, and health care organization leaders. It was published on October, 9, 2015. The information would benefit anyone in the health field including patients, their families, doctors, nurses, and leaders in any health facilities. It acts as a guiding tool to how health care system can be improved to provide better services to patients and provide them with safety. The intention of the “Patient Safety System” …show more content…

Quality is defined as the degree to which processes and results of a health care meets or exceeds the desires of people it serves. A quality health care management system should ensure reliable processes, decrease variation and waste, focus on achieving better outcomes, and use evidence to ensure that a service is satisfactory. On the other hand, patient safety is defined as the prevention of errors and adverse effects to patients that are associated with health care. Becoming a learning organization is the key to improving the quality and patient safety because people can enhance their capabilities to create and innovate by learning. Some pf the principles upheld by learning organizations include team learning, shared visions and goals, shared mental model, individual commitment to lifelong learning, and systems thinking. A learning hospital is able to provide staff with information regarding improvements based in reported concerns which helps build trust that encourages further reporting. Hospital leaders play a major role in patient safety because they are responsible for promoting learning, motivating staff to uphold a fair and just safety culture, modeling professional behavior, removing intimidating behavior that might prevent safe behaviors, and providing the resources and training necessary to take on improvement initiatives. For hospitals striving to become learning organizations, a strong safety culture is essential. It is a

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